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Jazzberry Farm is a homestead with asparagus, garden vegetables, orchard, and animals! We are not certified organic, but we do our best to do Permaculture and organic practices. That includes cover crops, remineralizing the soil, adding and encouraging fungi in the soil, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We've built swales to maximize water retention and are working to create a food forest.

We always have pastured brown eggs for sale at $3 per dozen. We have several Kune Kune hogs that we breed. We have numerous Nigerian Dwarf goats. We milk the does and make our own cheese.

We have muscadines, seedless grapes, paw paws, asian pears, jujubes (a Chinese date), elderberries, pears, cherries, nuts, various mushrooms, and several varieties of apples.


We’ll keep you informed about our progress on these various ventures! Email us if you are interested in anything we do.

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Jazzberry Farm, Taft, TN